Suzanne Gibson

Suzanne Gibson

Co-Founder, Headsmart Psychology

Suzanne is the co-founder of HeadSmart Psychology, an organisation dedicated to providing evidence-based psychological treatment for people with a compensation claim. She has a Master of Clinical Psychology from Macquarie University and is a Registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority.

Prior to her current role, Suzanne worked in occupational rehabilitation for over 15 years, assisting injured workers to overcome barriers to return-to-work. In her roles, she saw, time and time again, how much chronic pain can undermine a person’s quality of life as well as their ability to engage in their usual activity. Suzanne noticed that pain often felt like the “unsolvable barrier” and so she set about finding out more about it. As part of her Master’s program, Suzanne completed a dissertation on interventions for chronic pain and assessed their effectiveness. She also completed a nine-month placement in a pain centre where she got to apply, first hand, the theoretical concepts she had learned.

Today, Suzanne works as part of multidisciplinary teams across three pain centres. She works with clients directly to try and “turn down the volume” on their pain and help them to live fulfilling lives. She also works collaboratively with pain specialists, physiotherapists and nurses to provide a wholistic approach for treating chronic pain.


Suzanne will be speaking on the topic: Applying Pain Management Strategies to Occupational Rehabilitation